C'è qualcuno che può controllarmi questa presentazione in inglese?
Anche solo fino ad un certo punto!

I attend the High School. My school is called”Liceo Scientifico, Leonardo Da Vinci”. The main subjects are math, physics, biology and Latin. The school is near my home and, when the weather is good, I go to school by bicycle. After the lessons, I return home and, if my mum isn't at home yet, I prepare the table for lunch. At home I haven't a specific role but when my mother asks me some helps, I do house works. In the afternoon I make my homework and when I have free time I like reading, walking with my dog, going to gym, running in the natural oasis near my house. On Monday and Tuesday, the closing days of my dad’s restaurant, we eat pizza and the good foods that he prepares. On Saturday I like going out with my friends or watching a movie. Like most of people, I love summer and when it comes, I have more free time and a lot of fun activities to do! I go out with my friends, go to the swimming pool near my home, and spend some weekends at Garda Lake. My grandparents have a flat in a residence in Garda and they usually invite me and my sister. There we spend all time with our old friends and we have a lot of fun. At August I go on holiday with my family.

I’m Carlotta, I’m 17 years old and I live in a small town (called Cerea) near Verona, in north Italy. I’m tall and, as you have seen in my picture, I’ve long brown hair. I’m a curious and an active girl, I love travelling and every time I go somewhere I want to visit every places. I’m always very interested in things around me and when I travel I carry with me my camera for take a lot of pictures. I’m a sportive girl. I have practiced in-line speed skating at a competitive level for 5 years and I love this sport a lot. Every year at school, I participate at cross-country race and other sport activities. I love reading and writing. I play guitar for 4 years. I love nature and animals, for this reason I have one cat (called Virgola) and two dogs (called Zoe and Ginger). Zoe is half-breed dog and Ginger is a puppy of Cavalier King Charles spaniel. I’m a social girl with many friends but sometime I like being alone to relax and read a good book. On weekends I sometimes go out with my friends to the pub, to the disco or to the pizzeria. In winter we prefer go to cinema. I live with my family: my mother Ylenia, 39 years old, is a Health care worker; my father Galliano, 45 years old, is the chef in his own restaurant; my sister Greta, 12 years old, is a student. I have a good relationship with all member of my family, but occasionally I argue with my sister. Finally, I’ll try to live in the best way possible this experience and I want to say you thanks in advance for the opportunity that you are giving me.